The name Roman Malakov is synonymous with the tradition of fine
jewelry and watch making. The first generation of the Malakov family,
consisting of three brothers, entered the watch and gem world in the early
part of the 20th century, embarking on a journey that would build a family
business reaching from the famous Central Asian Silk Road to Europe
and beyond.
The eldest of the Malakov brothers, following the end of World War II, had the privilege to become a master watchmaker,
under the direction of Europe's most renowned watchmakers. Through his tutelage the Roman Malakov name was born,
leading the brothers to deal in rare watches and rare gems, naturally expanding into cutting and manufacturing diamonds
from the rough and making fine jewelry. It was during this time that they established themselves as experts at the "Russian
cut" standard of diamond cutting. Through the last century, three generations of Malakovs have forged the guiding principles
behind Malakov Diamonds - integrity, loyalty and an unbending commitment to client satisfaction - in all aspects of the trade,
including diamond cutting, jewelry making, retail and wholesale operations.
Roman Malakov Diamonds began its operation in New York City over a quarter century ago, creating
unique pieces that symbolize special relationships and memorable times in people's lives.
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